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How to Get the Best Cordless Desk Lamp for Your Office Work Space

di SpotCodes Technologies
How to Get the Best Cordless Desk Lamp for Your Office Work Space

Have you ever sat at your desk for hours on end with just natural light pouring in during the day and an overhead bulb at night? If this is the case, then you must be noticing a lot of eye strain, headaches, and tiredness. Working on your computer or laptop for long hours at a time requires you to have a proper light source so that you are not straining your eyes to read and investing in a good desk lighting situation can help you feel more refreshed and get a lot more work done. 

Adding a desk lamp, LED flashlight/pocket lamp to your work or study area can help illuminate the space better and allow you to get your work done without straining your eyes which can help improve your mood in the long run and help you feel less tired. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you find the best desk lamp for your home or office workspace. 

  • Understand the purpose of your lamp
  • While the main purpose of your lamp is to provide light, you need to understand what you require the light for. Do you want to light up your entire area, focus on one specific spot or simply invest in a warm light that can help lower eye strain and boost your mood? Understanding this can help you know exactly which direction you want to take and helps you to narrow down the perfect light that you want and that meets your requirements so that you can have a piece that can help you work better day or night. 

  • How much light do you require
  • There is substantial evidence to support that poor lighting will have a lot of short and long-term effects such as headaches, extreme eye strain, stress, and more which can easily be avoided by having the right amount of lighting evenly spread across your office or workspace. The best cordless desk lamp allows you to place your lamp anywhere you require at an acceptable range, you can even invest in a lamp that ranges up to one thousand four hundred lumens and comes with a dimmer or higher light switch that allows you to change the light to suit your mood.

  • The placement of your lamp
  • A desk lamp is primarily picked to provide light to a certain area on your desk to lower your eye strain and prevent headaches but you need to place your lamp in a certain way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it. A rechargeable led desk lamp can easily be placed at around fifteen to thirty-six inches away from your work area and having adjustable arms allows you to choose the desired height. This will drastically lower the amount of shadow that’s cast on your work allowing you to see better and work longer. 

    Nowadays, most lamps don’t require to be connected to a power source to work all the time, and being USB rechargeable you can simply charge your lamp while you sleep and use it during the day or night. This allows you to work even during power cuts and take the lamp with you wherever you go, be it at home or the office so that you can get all your work done on the go. 

  • The type of features it offers
  • Before narrowing down on a penlight for a nurse or a desk lamp, you need to consider the type of features that your lamp offers you. This can range from a task and accent lighting to ambient lighting, being affordable to meet your budget, being USB rechargeable, easy to use and set up along with pairing perfectly with your décor and theme of your office. Height is also important when it comes to a lamp and your piece needs to be height adjustable to meet your needs along with having different brightness levels so that you can increase it, lower it, or set it on a dimmer to easily pair with your work needs. 

    The Bottom Line

    While looking for the ideal lamp can take time, finding one that you truly love can be a great investment not only for your space but for your health as well. Always do your research and look for brands online that can offer you the best desk lamps that easily meet your needs along with coming in a range of shades, sizes, features, and types that you can easily choose from. Avoid rushing when choosing the ideal desk lamp and always take the time you need to narrow down your choices and find one that you truly love, works well with your space, and allows you to put in more time into your work.