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How Do LED Lamps Work And The Different Types Of LED Lamps

di Jeffrey Shaw
How Do LED Lamps Work And The Different Types Of LED Lamps

In the modern world, LED lamps have taken center stage when it comes to lighting. Instead of using the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, people nowadays prefer using LED lights owing to their low power consumption, low costs, and long-lasting effects. Another added advantage of LED lamps is that they produce very little to no heat. Also, if we compare the brightness level of an LED lamp to that of an incandescent bulb then we will see that an LED lamp is as bright as an incandescent bulb. This is why we can say that LED lamps are the most preferred forms of lighting when it comes to their efficiency.

Speaking of the many advantages of LED lamps, it is important to note that these lights can operate at a low voltage. Also, LED lamps are environmentally safe, as they do not consist of harmful metals like lead and mercury. If you want a soothing ambiance at your home then LED lamps are highly recommended for you. These lamps have eye-soothing effects and do not let the eyes suffer from excessive strain.

LED lamps are widely used in homes, offices, and various other commercial and industrial settings. They come in various forms such as desk lamp, penlight for nurse, floor lamp, and other fixtures. You will be pleased to know that there are several types of LED lamps available in the market. These lamps can accentuate the entire appearance of your home, thereby creating a pleasant ambiance. Read further to know how LED lamps work and the types of LED lamps you will find in Lustrat, an e-commerce platform dealing in LED lights.

How do LED lamps work

The principle behind the working of LED lamps is called electroluminescence. Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor, which illuminates when current is passed to it via a microprocessor. This is how LED lamps produce light.

Types of LED lamps available

Portable and rechargeable LED desk lamp:

If you are an avid reader or writer then a desk lamp can be your regular companion at any time of the day. Whether you are at your home or office, a portable LED desk lamp can illuminate your desk, while you are busy writing or reading. Lustrat’s portable and rechargeable LED desk lamp has three types of lighting modes for reading, studying, and relaxation purposes.

As the name suggests, this LED lamp is portable and can be folded easily. As a result, it can be your travel partner. You can easily recharge this rechargeable desk lamp with the help of a USB cable. While you are traveling, you can use your laptop to charge the desk lamp via a USB cable. When it comes to its compatibility, you will be pleased to know that this LED lamp is compatible with many Apple devices.

If you are looking for cordless LED lamps then this LED desk lamp is the right choice for you. You can choose any of the three lighting modes, depending on your preferred brightness level. Also, this LED lamp does not produce heat, as it consumes considerably less power. It is soothing to the eyes and is highly durable.

Wireless charging station desk lamp:

This wireless desk lamp has a sleek design and is equipped with a wireless charging station for Qi-compatible devices. It has three settings for varying brightness levels and three settings for different color temperatures. These temperature modes relieve the eyes from strain. The lamp has a touch panel that allows you to choose your preferred brightness level and color temperature.

If you are looking for wireless desk lamps then this desk lamp would be your best choice. It is foldable and portable. As a result, you can carry this desk lamp wherever you go. It is compatible with many Apple devices and provides quick charging. This wireless desk lamp has the latest technology that protects it from consuming excess voltage. Also, it comes with a USB cable.

Medical handy pen light pocket lamp:

This mini nursing flashlight is a perfect choice if you are a medical practitioner or healthcare professional, and want to examine the ear, nose, eye, and throat of your patient. This penlight provides a high level of illumination without irritating the eyes with strain. It is light in weight and you can easily carry it in your pocket while you are on medical duty.

This pocket lamp is equipped with a USB port and consists of a lithium battery that can be easily charged via a USB cable. It is highly durable and made out of stainless steel. As a result, it has better quality as compared to a pen light made out of plastic. You can easily change the lighting modes by simply pushing the button on the pen.

Rechargeable clip-on LED desk lamp with flexible gooseneck:

This rechargeable desk lamp is equipped with a lithium battery that is easily rechargeable. It has a flexible gooseneck, due to which you can bend the lamp and place it according to your preferred position. You can carry this portable lamp while you are traveling, as it is easy to store. You can achieve a high level of brightness with the help of this lamp, even if you are reading or writing in a dark room.

This LED lamp gives comfort to your eyes, thereby protecting them. It is sturdy and has long-lasting effects. Also, the lamp has no lead or mercury, due to which it is considered environment-friendly.


LED lamps are far better alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs, as they offer a high level of efficiency in terms of energy and power. As a result, the lighting industry has come up with innumerable LED lighting options. These LED lamps are easy to operate, as they come with simple on and off switches. Also, it is safe to use them frequently, without the fear of overheating them. If you are looking for sturdy, and long-lasting LED lamps then you can opt for any of these LED lamps. These LED lamps are not only safe for the environment but are also safe for the eyes.