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Principle of LED Lighting And The Various Types of LED Lamps

por Jeffrey Shaw
Principle of LED Lighting And The Various Types of LED Lamps

Nowadays, traditional incandescent bulbs have been replaced by LED lights. This is because LED lights are long-lasting, consume comparatively lesser energy, and have low costs. Not only this, but LED lights also produce a negligible amount of heat. Although these lights consume considerably lesser energy as compared to incandescent bulbs, they provide the same level of brightness. As a result, LED lighting is a more efficient form of lighting. 

Since LED lights consume less energy, therefore they can easily work at a low voltage. Also, unlike incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs do not contain lead or mercury, which makes them safer and more environment-friendly. LED lights can create a pleasant ambiance at home, thereby soothing the eyes. Owing to its various advantages, LED lighting is used in various light fixtures, such as desk lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, and many more, in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

When it comes to LED lamps, you will be surprised to know that there are various types of desk lamps and floor lamps that use LED lighting. These lamps can hugely enhance the look of your home. So let us discuss the working principle of LED lighting along with the various types of LED lamps available in Lustrat, which is a platform that sells different kinds of LED lights.

Working principle of LED lighting

LED lighting works through a process known as electroluminescence. The light is produced by a semiconductor, known as Light Emitting Diode (LED). When current is transmitted to the diode through a microprocessor, then it causes the diode to illuminate. As a result, we can get visible light.

Types of LED light lamps

1. Desk lamps: Desk lamps can illuminate your desk, while you are engrossed in your work from home or office job. Also, if you love reading or writing then a desk lamp can be your best companion. OTT lighting provides light that is similar to natural daylight, which is a savior for the eyes. So if you are looking for a portable ott light to protect your eyes from excessive strain, then there are various portable desk lamps that provide ott lighting. The different types of desk lamps available in Lustrat are as follows:

- Portable LED desk lamp with 3 lighting settings: This desk lamp can be easily recharged with the help of a USB cable. It is portable and foldable. So you can easily carry it while traveling. While traveling, you can connect it to your laptop or tablet, using the USB cable, to charge the battery. It is compatible with various devices including MacBook and other Apple devices.

This rechargeable folding desk lamp is sleek in design and has three modes of lighting, namely, a reading mode, a studying mode, and a relaxing mode. All three modes provide different levels of brightness. Depending on your mood, the type of task you are doing, and the time of the day, you can choose your preferred mode.

Also, this cordless desk lamp consumes very less power, due to which it does not get heated up. This ott light is safe for the eyes, preventing eye strain. It also has long-lasting effects.

- Rechargeable clip-on LED desk lamp with flexible gooseneck: This portable LED desk lamp has a lithium battery that can be easily recharged. Due to its flexible gooseneck, you can position this lamp according to your convenience. It is portable and can be easily stored and transported. You can use this light while you are reading in a dark room, as it provides an optimum level of brightness. This desk lamp is an ott light that protects vision. It is highly durable and environment-friendly since it does not contain lead or mercury

2. Floor lamps: Floor lamps are the most commonly used type of LED lamp, especially in homes. A single floor lamp can accentuate the appearance of your room. Floor lamps are available in different styles and shapes. Here are a few floor lamps that are available in Lustrat.

- LED industrial floor lamp with 3 hanging lampshades and a knob switch: This floor lamp has a vintage look, that provides warm lighting options. It has three lampshades hanging from a tall pole. It is sleek in design and consumes very less space. You can install it anywhere in your room, for a vintage vibe. This floor lamp does not include bulbs. You can purchase E27 Edison LED bulbs for this lamp.

Gooseneck LED floor lamp with remote control: If you are looking for a floor lamp with a flexible neck then Lustrat’s gooseneck LED floor lamp would be the right choice. This floor lamp has a tall pole with a flexible head that can be turned in any direction according to your convenience. You can adjust the lighting temperature and brightness, depending on your mood and other preferences. There are 5 different lighting temperatures and 5 different brightness levels. It also has dimming options. This floor lamp can be easily controlled using a remote control.

    This gooseneck LED floor lamp has a sleek design, and is very easy to install. When it comes to eye protection, this floor lamp provides natural light which has anti-glare properties. As a result, it is effective against eye strains. Also, the lamp has high longevity and does not get overheated. So you can use this lamp for years, which in turn, can save you a lot of money.


    LED lighting is the perfect source of lighting in the modern day if you are looking for energy-efficient lighting options. With its various advantages, LED lighting has taken center stage in the lighting market. Also, LED lights are convenient to use and can be switched off and switched on frequently without being overheated or burned out. The above-mentioned LED lamps available in Lustrat are not only well-designed but are also sturdy, durable, and easy to operate. These LED lamps provide ott lighting, thereby keeping the eyes safe.